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Online Commentary on Matthew


Inspiration of the Scriptures or of the author? 

There is a widespread unbelief amongst many modern Christians that God would reveal himself verbally. According to them the Bible is not a book where God speaks to man, but where men speak about God. These issues are even more intensified by the great influence of ideas about God, which stress that god is impersonal, so he does not express himself verbally and is beyond words.
In this article you read what the Bible says about the inspiration of the Scriptures.

Given or Formed: Authority and Canonicity of the NT

In this lecture we want to discuss the authority and canonicity of the books of the NT in general and the catholic letters (and Hebrews) in particular. The question many people ask is this:
‘Do these letters truly belong to the New Testament canon?’

A Biblical Exegetical Approach 

There are different presuppositions which play a role in the interpretation of a biblical text. There is, in fact, a variety of different exegetical approaches.  In 1953, the American scholar M.H. Abrams wrote his well-known book The Mirror and the Lamp.  In the introduction (pp. 6-7) he gives a beautiful and simple explanation of the various components which are of significance to the criticism of a work of art in general. He differentiates the following four components:  the work of art itself, the reality or the universe, the artist and the audience.  Each of these components also plays a role in the criticism of a literary work of art and thus in the exegesis of the Bible as well  …..